Life Off The Red Road

The quiet life in Old Homosassa

I have been pondering why life off the road seems to consume so much time previously used for such worthwhile pursuits as blogging regularly about our travels and keeping up with my reading and conversations with blogger friends around the world. Since we left New Hampshire, where we drifted from early summer into the fall exploring and enjoying the Granite State’s many lakes and mountain vistas, I have posted exactly once, when we stopped in the Adirondack’s on our way south. That is close to three weeks. I have had to fend off inquiries from friends commenting on the sounds of silence from my key board, and embarrassingly explain that, no, I am neither ill, nor incapacitated…I’m home.

Foggy Morning on the River

Life on the road in a 300 square foot RV is idyllic.  Maintenance requirements are minimal, choices of what to do with your day center around any number of life’s simple pleasures: reading, swimming, fishing, hiking, sightseeing, blogging.  Distractions and obligations are few and far between. Contrast that with arriving “home” after  five-plus months on the road.

The RV needs to be unloaded and cleaned and prepped for storage. That house you left standing unoccupied for months needs tending. This year there seemed to be a plethora of bugs and spiders that chose to come in and go to a corner and die. Perhaps it was the record heat this summer that drove them inside, so at least they died in comfort. There were also record rains, which generated record growth in the garden, so there was lots of weeding and trimming to get done. Then there were the medical and dental appointment’s to catch up on, a refrigerator and dryer that needed  repair work, and a cable box and TV that no longer wanted to work together. We also discovered  that when we suspended our phone while we were away the cable company thought we didn’t want it anymore and gave our number away. Tack on a few hours wasted notifying friends that A) we were home and B) we had a new phone number.  It seemed like every morning I’d get up with the intent to post something and I’d get distracted. A new problem to fix, a computer system that needs upgrading, a friend calling for lunch, a bunch of files taken out of storage that need to be cleaned and sorted. I guess that is the bottom line. Real life, non-RV life, has too many distractions and obligations.

Ozello, Florida’s coastal wetlands

Kickin’ the Blues

Hubby and I long to get back on the road. Not that you don’t encounter similar bumps and distractions when traveling, but they seem less onerous when you don’t encounter them all in one week. I envy our full time RV friends, who, having dispensed with the home base, get to enjoy the freedom of the road all day, every day. It’s still our goal, we just haven’t gotten there yet. It hasn’t been all work and no play since we arrived home. There has been great Florida weather and sunsets to enjoy, morning trips on the local river, and our annual Blues Festival to attend. So don’t feel too bad for us. I spent five days in post-Sandy New York City (more on that tomorrow,) we have a trip to the Everglades planned after the holidays, we have decided to hit the road again in April and will be exploring the West coast up through Oregon, Washington and Western Canada, and I have our last trip west through the Tetons, the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone to Glacier National Park to document. So, to all my inquiring friends, I am alive, well, and I see lots of blog posts in the future.

Yet another sunset

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  1. Penny Bodwell

    Hi Judith, Enjoyed this blog as I can relate to all the tasks necessary when returning to FL. We must have found 2 dozen dead palmetto bugs in this house.
    After you trip west do you plan to return to Danforth Bay? Perhaps you are playing that by ear.
    Penny Bodwell

  2. I know where you are coming from. I took a job July 28 and have blogged once since then.

  3. nutsfortreasure

    We will be here ready to catch up when YOU are 🙂

    Can’t wait to see if you caught a shot of my son when in the Tetons 🙂


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  5. You’ve listed only a handful of the reasons we ‘ran away from home’. Thanks for the reminder even if that wasn’t what you intended. Enjoy your home!! We hope to meet up with y’all on the Oregon coast this summer!!

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