So, exactly what do you do all summer in New Hampshire??

Living in an RV means we have no lawns or gardens to tend to. Cleaning and maintaining a 300 square foot vehicle doesn’t take all that long. We don’t have a lot of storage so we don’t go out shopping much since there’s limited space to keep things. We buy the necessities and that’s about it. So, you ask again? What exactly are we up to? We can’t believe July is half over. Where has the summer gone? We’ve been very busy with all the important things of day-to-day life, here in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

The fisherman fishes every day. He puts in the time and reaps the rewards. Like this beauty.

If we aren’t fishing we might be scouting out potential new bodies of water, like this local pond. Fly fishing only here.

Of course you can’t live on fish alone. One also needs blueberries. The low bush, wild ones are ready. We have to beat the bears to them though.

We’ve been on the look out for wildlife…a moose, a bear, an big buck. All we’ve found so far is this cute toad. We’ll keep looking.

I could tell you I’ve taken up rock climbing…..

…but I won”t.  I hiked up to the top of Cathedral Ledge,  across to Whitehorse Ledge and then down. At the bottom of Whitehorse we spent some time watching the kids who were, in fact, climbing up. I might be willing to try this, if I had someone who knew what they were doing to help. This is the view from the top.

There have been afternoon’s spent at waterfalls, like Diana’s Bath.

Sometimes our efforts are more active, like kayaking out to Lake Ossipee…

Other times we are more laid back and just sit on the shore and just watch the boats.

So, our summer is half gone and this is what we’ve been up to. What about you?

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  1. It sounds like paradise regained. So looking forward to hearing more of your days.I have a collection of books about travelling homes, but no-one in my family to take up the challenge with me!
    So reading about your life is a real treat. keep on keepin’ on!

  2. It sounds like a beautiful summer!

  3. Wow…you talk about a lot of the places I’v ebeen. I live in southern Maine and used to hike a lot in the White Mtns…one of my favorite places. You should see it in full autumn colors!

  4. So far so good. Looking forward to fall foliage. Judith

  5. Your comment about blueberries and bears has me wondering if you’ve ever seen a blueberry bush that’s been flattened to the ground and stripped of the ripe berries. The bears sit there while eating. Now that’s a photo I’d love to see, catching them in the act rather than the crime scene afterward.

  6. Lovely. This meandering around in an RV is a great way to live. Be well and safe travels, Ann and Jerry

  7. Although we grew up in Massachisetts, NH was almost always our vacation destination. Your photos and commentary bring back many memories, thanks.

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