The Roads We Have Traveled

We have criss-crossed the country in our motorhome on and off for seven years. From Newfoundland to the Baja, from Montana to the Everglades. It’s a crazy quilt of routes and we still aren’t done, so come along for the ride.

Each marker on this map denotes an entry in the Red Road Diaries. Explore where we have been. Learn about the RV lifestyle. Perhaps you’ll find a place you’d like to see. Or, perhaps you’ll get motivated to hit the red road as well. Click on a marker and follow the link. The diary is growing daily.


  1. nutsfortreasure

    Nice I was a Coast to Coast trucker as well as East Coast you gotta LOVE the ROAD!

  2. Really great way of keeping track of your travels!

  3. How fun is that to look at! Nice work- love reading through all your tales from the road!

  4. Thank you for stopping by and the likes. Since where you had been is where we will be your stories will be our inspiration.

  5. Hi. I’ve just found your page and have really enjoyed it. As another fellow traveler I can very much appreciate the way that you blog your adventures. I do have a question; where did you go to get the google maps where you can keep track of your trips the way you have done? I have looked, perhaps not hard enough, but so far am not getting it. Thanks

    • glad you liked it, go to google maps and next to the button for directions there is one that says “my Maps”….click on it and then you’ll see a tab labeled “maps”….click on “create maps” and follow the instructions. good luck

  6. I enjoyed browsing through your blog and reading posts about places we have traveled in our 5th wheel. I love seeing maps of where other RV’ers have traveled! I My husband and I have been “part time” RV’ers for 8 years. Like you we return to our stick home in Georgia after our RV journeys.

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