Going With the Flow

After the rains...

Sabbaday Brook, New Hampshire

Where does the time go?  The past year has gone by faster than this river. We have spent the Summer here in the White Mountain area of New Hampshire. We decided to take a rest from the Red Road and stay in one place for a change. It has been a restful reprieve from a Fall and Winter wrapped up in dealing with aging parents, independent Living facilities and the attendant family disagreements. Seeing how quickly these 93 year-olds went from being self-sufficient to needing a lot of support has made me rethink my own plans for the future.

Hubby and I have decided our big RV road trips are a thing of the past. We have bought a used 5th Wheel trailer to keep permanently on our site up here; The lakes and mountains of New Hampshire will be our new Summer home. Lots of fishing and good seafood, and no shortage of photo opportunities.  Everything else is up in the air. Do we keep the RV? Trade it in for something smaller and take small trips? We will go back to Florida in the Fall, but will look to spend more time in South Carolina, near my parents. Do we move there or rent a place?  My son move to Hawaii. It is so far away, so no quick visits in our future. So many questions, so many changes. It seems the routines and priorities that worked for the last ten years are all about to change. Which is why I loved this photo of the Sabbaday Brook. It reminds me, all we can do is go with the flow.

About JudithC99

Wanderer. Writer. Artist. Photographer. Learner. Traveler of the Red Roads


  1. Flo Jones

    Glad to see you have enjoyed the summer. Life seems to get more complicated just when it should be getting easier.

  2. Sometimes you have no choice but to go with the flow. Much better than fighting the current. I hope you stay in New Hampshire long enough to see the leaves change. In the Colorado high country our leaves are already starting to turn.

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