Starry Starry Night

In search of the Milky Way

In search of the Milky Way

Dark, clear New Hampshire nights are a favorite time to gaze to the heavens and get lost in the vastness of the universe.  Even here in the White Mountains there is too much light pollution  to really make the Milky Way stand out, but it is better than most city folk get to see. (or could be the ISO setting on my camera wasn’t high enough, I get another shot next new moon to try and improve the outcome.)  Even the most Earth-centric amongst us have to feel a smidgen of insignificance when looking at this sky.

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  1. Looks mighty impressive to me. Do you recall the night sky on the Colorado? Could this be close?

  2. Beautiful still even with the light pollution! I have always found it interesting when I hear people say that the Grandeur of the earth and the heavens make them feel insignificant or…. so small.
    I have always felt the opposite, as I stare up into the heavens, or stand beside the high reaching monuments of Time, the Mountains. They have never made me feel insignificant but more expansive or a general part of it all. I understand the feeling there for people when they say this, but these are just our bodies that make us feel this way… inside we, really are as expansive as the natural wonders around us. You have heard that there is a whole universe in a grain of sand?… We have that same Universe inside of us. Unless you enjoy the feel of insignificance, and some people do because it helps them to BE more AWARE of the awesome splendor, but, if you will, try standing before one of those magnificant scenes and spread your arms wide and then just know that which is in your can flow out to ALL of that, be a part of that…. and glow! 🙂

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