One last peek at the foliage, New York’s Adironacks

The Hudson River

We moved northwest of where we were in New Hampshire to get a peek at the foliage of the Adirondack’s in upstate New York. Adirondack Park is 6 million acres of land, lakes, rivers and streams, with the Adirondack Mountains looming over it all. The Park is larger than Yellowstone, Yosemite, Grand Canyon, Great Smoky Mountain and Everglades Park put together. Half the land is owned by the state of New York, the other half is in private hands, but the Adirondack Park Agency reviews all private development plans to make sure they are compatible with the Park’s goal of preserving the wilderness. Needless to say, it is a place of great natural beauty.

More Fall foliage

Adirondack chairs on the lake

I found out that the Adirondack chair, that iconic symbol of rural, outdoor settings, originated in the area in the 1930’s and even though it had a straight seat and back (and 11 pieces of wood, all cut from a single board), it always had the wide armrests that are its hallmark today. Those armrests are a necessary convenience for resting your cocktail, while enjoying the lake and mountain views.

A room with a view

As an added benefit we got to stay with some good friends at their lakeside resort, the North Woods Inn in Old Forge. The RV was left in the parking lot and we had a huge, comfortable room overlooking Fourth Lake. A large bathroom, a jacuzzi tub, room to spread out; life was good for a few days. We relaxed, caught up, toured the area and ate way too much. The weather was just like what we had left behind in New Hampshire, cool, overcast and damp, but we made do, as usual. Actually, if the sun had been out, looking at all the spectacular foliage ablaze in the sunlight might have been too much on the eyes. A few days respite, then it was back into the RV and onto the road south.  The foliage fading behind us, the long pants and sweaters traded for shorts and flip flops, heading down the highway, I saw palm trees in our near future.

The wedding tent. Are you tired of the foliage shots yet?

Sitting this visit out

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  1. I’m beginning to think “prime foliage” is when that red kicks in. Around here (New Hampshire), a fourth of the leaves have already fallen but the red’s just starting. Looks like you’re hitting it just right. And thanks for showing the world how gorgeous Upstate New York can be in the fall. I have some very fond memories of the foliage in the Southern Tier (along the Pennsylvania border).

    • RedRoadDiaries

      Thank you, as a previous and still sometimes New Yorker, I agree. I don’t think anything beats the Hudson valley for beauty, no matter what the season

  2. Diann Schultz

    Beautiful. Makes me want to run up to GA or the Carolinas to fill up my eyes with foliage views.

  3. Simply gorgeous, certainly makes me daydream.

    • RedRoadDiaries

      Thank you, it was a nice ending to our trip…what were those chips you were asking about in Wawa? Think I might have seen them in NJ

  4. Ahhh…I am home again!

  5. sylvia

    Will be headed to Smokey Mtns for short trip in 2 weeks to satisfy my “need” for autumn. Your photos added to my excitement.

  6. Beautiful! I’m wanting to feel that cool weather and the gorgeous foliage. I do miss it! Thanks for the beautiful pictures…

  7. Thank you — I’ve added the Adirondacks to my to do list!

  8. Never get tired of the pictures! Great shots!

  9. I never get tired of fall foliage colors. And the Hudson River Valley—all of it—is one of the most beautiful places ever.

  10. Can’t wait for the day when we’ll get to see allthi beauty!!!

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