Autumn Leaves (and so do we)

As September fades into October, and as crisp, sunny, Autumn days turn into raw, harbinger’s of Winter, it is time for us to pack the RV and start to drift south. Our four months in New Hampshire and Maine have flown by, filled with fond memories of this “Land of Many Uses.” One by one, our fellow campers are packing up and heading out before the campground closes in mid-October.  The common refrain, repeated like a mantra at every goodbye, is “where did the Summer go?”

Maybe it is a function of growing older but Summer seems to be much shorter than it used to be. In my youth, Summer would stretch out before us, a seemingly unending stream of days to be filled before school reopened.  Back then we didn’t have our lives organized for us with lots of structured activities. We headed outside after breakfast and went from there, filling the hours and entertaining ourselves until the streetlights came on. I can actually remember looking forward to classes starting, getting some new school clothes, seeing my classmates and having something different to do.

Of course, now that we are retired, our whole life is a Summer vacation.  As I sorted through and organized my photographs from this Summer, I can see where the time went. There was hiking, fishing, kayaking, exercising, and blogging. There were trips to Portland and Portsmouth, County Fairs and antique car shows. There were week-long visits from friends and relatives and all the attending sightseeing and camp dinners. There were innumerable books read, web sites surfed and online classes completed. Maybe, as we slide down that slippery slope of aging, it’s not the Summer that is getting shorter. Perhaps it’s the drive to fill our days with all the activities we enjoy, while we are still able to do so, that just makes it seem that way.

We will soon  be on our way to Florida.  The sunny Nature Coast, the Gulf of Mexico, the Everglades all await us. But we are also already discussing where we will head next. Unlike our younger days, Autumn doesn’t mean the playing stops, it just moves to a new locale.

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  1. Great post, really brought back memories. Love your blog, looking forward to FL!

  2. Just a beautiful collection of summer memories…colors so vivid!

  3. mike heron

    Hey there neighbor!
    Really enjoyed your description of summertime from the perspective of youth in the 1950s. We truly were outside all day, and after dinner didn’t come home ’till the streetlights came on.
    Safe travels southward, and of you come through ATL the welcome mat is out.
    Mike & Carol

    • Thanks, Mike. We arrived in Old Forge, NY in Adirondacks and color is spectacular, but still not great weather…it is good to remember the good old days, isn’t it? We’ll be in touch.

  4. What a great life! 🙂

  5. Diann Schultz

    It will be nice to have you back in Florida. I have enjoyed reading about your adventures this summer and previous travels. You are doing a great job on your blog.

  6. Carol Heron

    It is lightly raining — has been for a day, but it is 69…carol

  7. Love, love, love these photos. As you know Autumn is not a true Autumn here in Florida. It is nice to see it is actually real and happening. Love the title of this post.

    • Thank you, thank you, thank you….I have experienced the lackluster Florida Fall and it pales by comparison. On the other hand you will not have a foot or two of snow come December.

  8. Enjoy Florida. Looking forward to hearing of more interesting travels. Be well and safe travels, Ann and Jerry

  9. I look forward to a time when we are retired and can follow your footsteps to eternal “SUmmer”.

  10. nutsfortreasure

    Glad you enjoyed your stay up here we certainly gave you a wonderful summer season travel safely southerly bound to your winter digs.


  11. nutsfortreasure

    OK I see you saw SOME COLOR lol

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  13. Woo hoo! I loved the post and the lovely mosaic.

    • RedRoadDiaries

      Thank you, Timethief…it was one cool suggestion from you that showed me how to do it. I used the random format and it seems each time you look it is different. Very neat. Thanks again.

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  15. Penny

    I saw myself kayaking with you, I should have taken a picture of YOU for your blog. Your writing is very entertaining…and captures the essence of retirement.

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