Summer in New Hampshire

Our home sweet home for the Summer

Here we are in Freedom, New Hampshire. On the shore of Lake Ossipee and a short drive from the White Mountains.  We have set up  base camp on our shady, expansive site and settled in for a Summer of exploring New Hampshire and Maine. Think covered bridges, waterfalls, lake fishing and mountain hiking and you’ll have a good idea of our plans. Click the follow button below and enter your email to follow along.

The trip here was circuitous but fun, seeing new areas and visiting friends. But we are ready to get off the road for a while and relax. Posts of our adventures here will be interspersed with diary entries of past trips, so don’t get confused if you don’t know where we seem to be. We are right here for now, waiting for the leaves to turn.

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  1. Looks nice ! Ohana’s is closed down. Have fun, see ya soon !

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  4. I want to thank you for visiting and liking some posts of mine.

  5. I went on a solo road trip through New England and stayed on a place called “Country Bumpkins” near the white mountains! I hiked a trail called Lonesome Lake and was the only person on the trail. Your site looks lovely!

  6. Hi, I’m familiar with the spot but haven’t hiked it. Franconia area is on other side of the White mountains. Too many trails, too little time. Posted this afternoon about a recent hike to Arethusa Falls ( I am really enjoying following your blog…you are very adventuresome, a trait I admire.

  7. What a glorious campsite you’ve found! You’re going to have a wonderful summer – can’t wait to read all about it!

  8. Thanks, glad to have you along.

  9. What a beautiful campsite!! Completely different from the brush of southern Texas that we are currently enjoying!! We hope to be spending next summer exploring Maine!! How perfect!! We can see it through your eyes first!! Enjoy!!

  10. Oh wow, it looks so nice!! Great pictures, thanks a million for sharing!

  11. You missed the black fly season. Timing is everything. I wasn’t so lucky at the ocean this morning, whatever the green-headed monsters are called. Fact is, beauty usually comes at a price. Even here in New England.

  12. nutsfortreasure

    Hope you enjoy our state while you are here. We live in NH but stayed at a camp in Bath NH all last summer 🙂
    This year I MUST PAINT THE HOUSE next year PLAY lol

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  14. I finally figured out how to find your blog! Yea! Thanks for your comments and “likes”. The lake looks so inviting and COOL! Hit 98 here yesterday with heat index of 104—YUK!

  15. What a nice camping spot. Thanks fpr stopping by my blog.


  16. I am sitting/sweating on a porch in FL… that water is calling to me!

  17. jlesliejr

    Thanks for checking out my site where you came across my New Hampshire paintings from June. If you can’t get inspired in the White mountains you may want to check your pulse. Have fun!

  18. You ‘liked’ my first post and that’s what led me to your blog. That, and the fact that my husband and I are planning a rather last minute, end of summer before- I -go- back- to -teaching, trip to Maine!
    But, we don’t have an RV – it will be 9 days of driving, viewing, eating, moteling, writing, etc.
    I’ll come back and ask more specific questions about towns we are thinking of traveling through.
    Happy Trails!

    • I spend about an hour reading blogs and liking ones that strike me positively, particularly like to encourage new blogs.” Likes” are the motivators and indicators of how you are doing.
      If you search my blog I have a few maine posts. Good luck and have fun and ask away

  19. Thank you for liking my photo. What a beautiful and amazing life you have there, love the blog. Happy Travelling

  20. shadroq

    Thanks for the “like” and many safe travels!

  21. Crikey, looking at your set-up and camp, I’m about ready to pack my bag and head over!! Cheers, The Landy

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  23. your travel diary is a treat! Thanks for the “like”

  24. Thanks for the “like” of my post.
    We summer in Washington, NH which is where the lake photo was taken, along with the young fishermen, and the chicken.

  25. What a fantastic place to set up camp. The water looks very inviting. How was the fishing?

  26. Tempting, almost made me want to start RVing again.

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