Catch of the Day, Broad Bay, New Hampshire

A Jumper

A Jumper

Not a photo catch, well, yes that too. I mean a real catch, the elusive small mouth, the one that hubby is out there seeking every morning. This is his passion. This is why we are here in New Hampshire. (That and the mountains that I hike and photograph while he fishes, more on that another day)

From Huckins Pond, to Broad Bay to Lake Ossipee, no grass bed goes unturned in this daily search. He returns at lunch each day with tales of his haul. Some days it may only be one or two, other days six , or eight. He releases them all so we have no documentation. Until now. Yesterday, as he made his 11 millionth (I exaggerate) cast  JB Brown was there to bear witness. Paddling by with camera in hand he caught all the action and was kind enough to pass them on. (He posts to Google Earth in his user account if you want to see more of his work)

Snagged him

Snagged him

In the Net

In the Net

A Fine Catch

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  1. JB Brown

    Very good! Thanks for the link.

  2. Eve Shaw

    I’m missing my fresh fish!!

  3. Heff

    Looks like a 1974 Bass outlet leather boot to me.

  4. Nice pictures. Makes me want to go fishing. It’s been a long time.

    We saw a boy this past weekend who’d caught a small fish and was excitedly running with it still on his line down to his family’s camper. A trail of boys were following after him, surely hoping to make some claim to part of the catch. Then, a few minutes later, the same boy came back from the camper with his head and shoulders slumped and a barely flipping fish on the end of his line. Apparently his mother had told him it was too small and made him throw it back.

  5. My buds fish and I watch. Unfortunately they don’t fish either.

    • found your comment in my spam this morning. Not sure why WP put it there, it doesn’t look spamish. They call it fishing, not catching, for a reason. I guess you are supposed to enjoy the process.

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