Life’s a Beach in Fire Island, NY

We left the rain of upstate New York, drove 3 hours onto Long Island and caught the ferry to Ocean Beach, Fire Island. No Rv. We left it parked on the farm. It’s always a roll of the dice driving down through the Bronx onto Long Island. It’s a major route for trucks heading across the George Washington Bridge to New Jersey and points beyond. It can be a nightmare of bumper-to-bumper traffic, noxious fumes and frayed nerves. Luck was with us, we sailed through and arrived at the ferry without a hitch. We weren’t so lucky with the weather, the rain has followed us.

Fire Island is a narrow (less than a mile wide) barrier island that lays between the Atlantic Ocean and the mainland of Long Island. No cars, you have to lug whatever you bring with you to your house; wagons are an essential commodity. There is a tangle of them locked to racks by the ferry waiting for their owners to arrive. Freight, food, furniture, you name it, it comes by ferry. The docks were frantic with activity as the local businesses unloaded the goods they need  for the holiday weekend and to kick off their 90 day season.

Ocean beach is a cute summer resort made up of shops, small hotels, inns, restaurants and bars, surrounded by less than 300 cottages and homes. The Bay side has the marina and ferry terminal. The other side is the ocean and the beach. You walk or ride a bike everywhere.  The deer run rampant. The beaches are pristine and beautiful with lots of rules to keep them that way. No food, no drink, no dogs, no radios….  On the other hand no litter, no riff raff, no noise pollution…. Trades offs I guess.

It has been foggy, cool and overcast. Not great beach weather but fine for relaxing with friends and people watching in town. We leave early tomorrow before the real crowds arrive. We will head back north pick up the RV and move on to the mountains and lakes of New Hampshire.  No sunset photos this week but lots of shots to give you a flavor of Island life.

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  1. Schwartz B

    Hey, be careful, don’t say anything bad about the Bronx, I was born and raised in that fine little hamlet!

  2. The Bronx has the best italian section in NYC on Arthur Avenue, a great medieval art museum, the Cloisters. It has the Bronx zoo, the Botanical Gardens…I love the Bronx, it’s the roads and traffic that drive me nuts.

  3. Diann Schultz

    I like your shot selection. It looks cool and overcast.

  4. I grew up across the street from the park near the cloisters. That was my hangout. BTW-I love your photos.

  5. Teri McGill

    I spent several summers in Fire Island, Ocean Beach, in the 80s. No cars … it was awesome!
    So when are you coming to SoCal??

    • Hi Teri, would love to get to soCal…all depends on what goes on in a number of places, but probably not before the winter. We are in NH and Maine through Summer. Keep in touch.

  6. Bob

    Hi Judy, Susan and I just got caught up with your travels – love the photos, reflections, and commentary. Give our regards to Rich.

    • Hey Bob, We just arrived at our summer site this afternoon. Good to hear from you. I will be posting regularly on the Red Road blog. I want to cover all we’ve seen in our seven years of travel and current adventures and put it all together in an ebook on rving. A summer project, like I don’t have enough to do. Hi to SUsan. Keep in touch. J

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