Black Dog Farm. Unity, New Hampshire

Leaping Lissa

No this is not the namesake black dog of the farm, this is Lissa, our Golden Retriever, having a fine time running across one of its fields.  She looks like she was enjoying not being in the motorhome for a change. One of the nice things about traveling around the country is the ability to stop in and visit old friends in new locations. This time we spent a few days with our good friends on their farm in eastern New Hampshire. We parked the RV by the barn and took in the views of Mt. Sunapee in the distance.

The RV parked next to the stable

Mt. Sunapee in the distance

We know Gary and Sylvia from our days on the east end of Long Island. They are the proprietors of The Mill House Inn in East Hampton and are well practiced at making you feel at home. Good food, plenty of wine and enjoyable company made for a relaxing  weekend off the road and away from the Memorial Day holiday crowds. Gary is a chef by trade and it was a pleasure to have someone else do the cooking for us and in a kitchen considerably larger than the one in the RV.

We ate well….

We took some time off from eating and drinking to take in some of the local sights. Sunapee Lake is not too far away and we drove around it, stopping in the town of  Sunapee Harbor to watch the boaters and to wander through the local shops. We were fortunate. The weather was perfect, warm for late May, but we weren’t complaining. New Hampshire is small country roads, rolling hills, lots of lakes, pine trees and maple syrup.  It’s a favorite spot of ours.

Lake Sunapee cruiser

That’s my philosophy…

We spent a good part of our stay relaxing on the back deck of the house. Lissa wore herself out chasing through the fields and spent a lot of her time snoozing under the dining table.  We all enjoyed a brief respite from the confines of the motorhome. We’ll soon be back in it, on the road for the rest of the Summer.

Relaxing on the back deck

Lissa catching some ZZ’s

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  1. Ellen Joyce

    What a wonderful place! I can’t wait to check out the house and Inn. Great pictures, Judith. Glad to see Lissa so enjoying the freedom to run in a field. Doggie Joy!

  2. Lovely stories. Lissa is gorgeous 🙂

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