Ending it all in Ensenada

We ended at the nicest camp of the trip

Today we arrived in Ensenada. We bypassed it on our way south, but now we will spend our last three days here. We got to the RV resort  and were pleasantly surprised. It is a lovely resort with a restaurant, hotel, pool, trailor area and Rv park, with gravel sites and full hookups, on the water. This is the nicest we have seen. We set up, had lunch, then it was onto a bus for a tour. Our first stop, the Bufadora or blowhole. On the ocean the water rushes in every few minutes and blows out the top of the rocks. The approach is lined with stalls of the most aggressive vendors we’ve encountered. They were worse than in Cabo San Lucas. Bill bought us all chorros, fried, sugered dough, and then it was off to downtown to explore the shops  for an hour. We looked in some shops, but Hubby has a short shopping attention span, so we went to a taco stand for beers and some tacos of fresh, chopped, grilled beef. They served the tacos with a variety of salsa’s, red, green, hot, mild.  A tasty end to the day.

Watching and waiting at the blowhole

The blowhole blows

Thursday was a free day. Hubby decided to play golf,  I planned on taking some photos and exploring the neighborhood. First we put our rig and car on the list to be washed. It has 6 weeks of dirt to be removed. By the time we got back the RV was still not done. They finally got to work around three or so and they  didn’t finish until 6:30, in the dark. There was a lot of road dust to get at and they did it all by hand.

It was our last day and it was to start with a group breakfast at 8 am. We get to the restaurant at 7:45, the meeting had already started and everyone is eating.  We have learned, these people are always early.  The breakfast was excellent and afterwoods we had a tour of the Museum on the resort property. It turns out the owner of the resort has been collecting Mexican artifacts since he was a young man. It’s an impressive collection and provides a succint history of Mexican culture. The owner gave  the tour himself.  People are cleaning their rigs, packing up, straightening out their storage bins and getting ready to head out tomorrow. We spent the afternoon chatting with others, returning borrowed books and just hanging out.

Downtown Ensenada

Local color at the bufadora

Our farewell dinner was at the restaurant and consisted of filet and shrimp. There was a lot of picture taking and thanking of our tour guides and before we knew it the trip was over. Hugs and goodbyes and promises to keep in touch abound. I doubt we’ll hear from many of them as we all head our different ways. We headed out at six AM and spent our last 500 pesos on gas. We hooked up the car and waited on the main drag for the rest of the caravan to arrive. The drive to the border was the worst yet. It’s another narrow, curving road, but this time we have gale force winds that slow us down to a crawl. Several people have to stop and rein in their awnings.  The border crossing is uneventful, they took an avacodo and two lemons. An hour or so later and we are back at the Chula Vista Marina RV park.  It’s been six weeks. We’ve covered nearly 5000 miles. We’ve seen lots of sights, met a lot of people and generally had a good time. We are sure we won’t be going on a caravan again, it’s a little too regimented for us and that seemed to be the general opinion of our fellow travelers as well. For us, it’s back to Florida for a rest and then on to a tour of the some of the national parks on our way to Glacier National Park in Montana.

The sun sets on our Baja adventure

Almost home, at last…

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  1. I love Ensenada! Growing up in Southern California meant a lot of trips down there. My last visit – about four years ago – held a huge surprise when I saw an Applebees and a WALMART! I would love to go stay for several months and properly learn Spanish. One question: Did the caravan park have empty ones or cheap cabins anyone without their own rig could stay in?

    • HI, Thanks. They had some semi permanent people staying there, people who were seasonal I guess, but I saw no cabins or real rental units. But Ensenada is a big place with lots of places to rent I imagine.

  2. Beautiful pictures. Did not realize there are nice RV parks down south at the border.When you ate at the restaurants did a group of men with guitars sing next to your table and expected a handout afterwards? When we were there (on a cruise) and ate at one of the restaurants this group of men wont leave after a very pleasant serenade until we gave them some $$.
    Agree with you on caravans, I heard the same comments from the caravaneers we met in Alaska.

  3. Haven’t been there in years. Brings back nice memories. Glad you enjoyed yourselves. Be well and safe travels, Ann and Jerry

  4. nutsfortreasure

    missed you and your travels 😦 Found about how to use the RSS feed lol

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