Young Mountains, Old Rocks

Jackson Lake

The Teton National Park brochure says there are rocks in the Teton range that are over 2.5 million years old, but the mountains themselves are among the youngest in the world. Something to do with fault lines, massive earthquakes and glacial erosion. All I know is I keep coming back to this place because no matter how they were formed these are some beautiful peaks.

Wild flowers were in full bloom

After spending so much time in the deserts of Utah and at Mesa Verde, I looked forward to seeing my mountains again. First of all, the drive up through Wyoming is beautiful, especially along highway 189, from Bondurant to Jackson, winding along the Snake River, surrounded by canyon walls, lodge pole pines, and snow-capped ranges. The town of Jackson is very crowded and touristy and we drove through it without stopping. In a few miles we came around a bend and there in front of was the sight we have been looking forward to: the jagged peaks and deep canyons of the Tetons rising, abruptly from the Jackson Hole Valley.

Fishing the shores of Jackson Lake

We fished the rivers and lakes in the park, relaxed on the lake shores, and drove around looking at herds of bison and elk grazing in the park’s many meadows (as the photo below shows they were doing more than just grazing) No matter where you are, the Tetons loom over you. This is the first time we have been here in the spring, with snow still on the peaks and wildflowers in bloom. We decided next time it will be in the fall, when the Aspens are at their golden best. We can’t get enough of the young mountains and old rocks.

Life in the wild

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  1. This is high on our list of places to visit….great shots.

  2. Diann Schultz

    The Grand Tetons are grand. To have Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons in one area is awesome. I love Yellowstone for the animals and all the strange things like geysers, mud pots, etc; but, you can’t beat the Tetons for the view. The mountains just appear and without small hills around they are extraordinary.

  3. Love the Tetons. Will be back in the area with our motorhome. Great pictures.

  4. Beautiful pictures! Snow covered mountains are an amazing site. So glad you have found lots of activities to enjoy while there. We have been there on motorcycle trips but not to spend a long time. That will be one of our future visits.

  5. I love the composition of your photos! As you know we have spent 30+ years in the west and June is high on my list, snow on the peaks, warming temps and wildflowers.
    The fishing is not so good as later in the summer usually due to the runoff.

  6. Spectacular shots! We’ve never been to Teton. It’s just now been added to the list. 🙂

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  8. Bob

    The Teton’s are the closest thing to the Alps I have seen in North America but I have not been to the Pacific NW or Alaska. No matter, they are remarkably large and impressively beautiful.

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