R and R in Iron River, Wisconsin

Kayaking lake superior

Kayaking Lake Superior

I know what you’re thinking. “They travel all over in an RV. Why do they need R and R?” (Rest and Recuperation for you non military types.) “Their life is R and R.”  I’ll explain. We had just spent a week in Door County and a week in the Upper Peninsula, doing lots of sightseeing and exploring everything  we wanted to see. We  wanted to get to Lake of the Woods in Minnesota, our Westernmost stop before heading up into Ontario, Canada and continuing our circle tour of Lake Superior and the other Great Lakes. It is 570 miles, give or take, from our camp on Manistique Lake in Michigan to our destination in Baudette, Minnesota. Too far for us to drive in one day.

So what do we do? We get out a map and find a half way point with a decent campground. In this case it happens to be Iron River, Wisconsin and Top ‘O The Morn Campground.  We could just spend one night and push on to Baudette, but we rarely do that. Unless we have to be somewhere by a specific date we don’t like one night stays. There’s always something to see when we stop. In this case we knew the campground was on a small lake, so so fishing was probably on the agenda. We checked in for two nights, with an option to stay longer.

So what did we do on our R and R? We played golf at a local course. We took a drive to Duluth, Minnesota for dinner at the New Scenic Cafe, overlooking Lake Superior, and visited the park at the Aerial Bridge, a Duluth landmark. We fished in the campground lake. We rented kayaks in Bayfield, Wisconsin and paddled along the shores of Lake Superior, exploring

Duluth, MN

Near Duluth, Minnesota

the caves and arches of  The Apostle Islands National Lakeshore and enjoying the eagles soaring overhead. We were given wetsuits to wear on our trip since the lake was only 40°F and we were told if we capsized the wetsuits would give us an extra 10 or 15 minutes before hyperthermia set in. (That was not an encouraging piece of information. Fortunately we didn’t have to test it.)

We spent some time in the campground reading, paying bills and watching our neighbor. You must know someone who’s a Type A personality. Always doing, never relaxing. Well they don’t get any better when they retire. Our neighbor was a full time resident of the park and had a lovely, manicured campsite.  We watched him water his flowers, tend his bird feeders, clean his windows, wash his awning and work on his deck and fencing. He never sat still. I was exhausted watching him.

Earlier I called it R and R but looking back, maybe I mislabeled it. It wasn’t really R and R. It’s actually just the way we travel the red roads, slow and easy, taking time to explore the new areas we visit. That is the point isn’t it? Now we were ready for Baudette.

Aerial Bridge Duluth, Minnesota

Aerial Bridge Duluth, Minnesota

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  1. R and R. Ah, but of course!!!

  2. you have some awesome nature pics …sure would like for you to enter one in our weekly photo challenge , I can do it for you and give you all credits …even send traffic to your blog …Think it over ..Thanks Tim

    • I’m not much for contests or things I need to do weekly, or on any schedule for that matter, except writing which I do daily. I appreciate the offer, I will check out your site. Thanks for checking out mine.

  3. Thanks for letting me camp out in your blog for a little while today. I had a great time and tried to leave my campsite as good as when I arrived. I’ll be back!

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