Taos, New Mexico — 1000 years of history

No modern conveniences here

No modern conveniences here

We did take a break from eating our way around Santa Fe and made a day trip to the Taos Pueblo. Taos itself is a pretty, artsy town with lots of shops and galleries to explore  but we were there to see the Pueblo, one of 19 in New Mexico, and a great place to gain insight into authentic and traditional Native American society.

ancient cemetery

ancient cemetery

The Taos Pueblo is the oldest continuously occupied site in the country. The ancestors of the current occupants first settled there a thousand years ago and they survive today despite invasions of both the Spanish and Anglos. They still live the same way, with no electricity or running water. Entry to the homes on the upper level is via ladder and a hole in the roof. The Rio Pueblo runs through the land, providing all their water for daily living. The river originates at Blue Lake, a sacred site for them, that was part of 60,000 acres taken from them in the early 1900’s. They fought a battle with the US Government for 60 years for the return of this holy land and recognition of their religious right to it. Richard Nixon finally signed it back to them in 1970.

Spectacular craft work

Spectacular craft work

Now a World Heritage Site, they still speak their native Tiwa language (although in deference to their current and past neighbors they also speak Spanish and English)  They revere the land around them. They work at, display and sell their crafts and artwork. We enjoyed ur tour and learned a great deal. We’d love to go back when they have one of their feasts.

The Pueblo

The Pueblo

We drove the high road from Sante Fe to Taos, through the mountains  and some very pretty country of forested hills, deserts, rivers shaping canyons. On the way we ran across some wild horses, playing alongside the road. Leaving the Pueblo we stopped for one more great New Mex meal before heading back to Santa Fe.

Wild horses outside Taos

Wild horses outside Taos

One more New Mex meal

One more New Mex meal


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  1. This will be an interesting place to visit. My mouth is watering with that meal. Where did you stay while in Santa Fe?

    • We stayed at Trailer Ranch RV, fairly near the downtown area. Nice, well kept and close to everything. 55+ type place and sites were pretty close to each other. Definitely go to Telcote for breakfast

  2. The craft work is absolutely stunning. I assume the designs on some of those were all painted by hand…?

  3. Lovely photos. Looks like you had beautiful weather as well.

  4. Douglas Abbott

    I loved the tour of this historic hamlet—photos and all. I enjoyed the cultural texture you added to the descriptions. There’s a lot more there than pretty scenery and charming trinkets. Way to find the story! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Thanks for liking my post “leaing NYC”! New Mexico is one of the most favorite places I have visited. It was nice reading about it through your blog. Keep blogging!

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