Sante Fe, New Mexico: Hello green chile

Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi

Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi

Leaving the Big Texan behind us, we headed for  Santa Fe. We knew it would be better than Amarillo, we had already found no less than a haf-dozen Diners, Drive-ins and Dives recommendations nearby. If nothing else we will eat well. As we left Texas and entered New Mexico the landscape shifted from flat farms and ranches to more scrub brush and an occasional butte. Exiting I40, we drove  north on I25 toward Santa Fe  and the mountains that surround the city came into view. Santa Fe was originally a group of Pueblo Indian villages way back around 1150. It was first colonized in 1598 as a province of New Spain and stayed with Spain until the Mexican revolution in the early 1800’s. So there is  a lot of history to absorb.

We found our campground, Trailer Ranch Rv, easily. It’s right on the main road in Santa Fe. High walls and lots of plantings kept the road noise down and added to the nice ambiance of the place. We set up and found a nearby taco place for lunch. Although not on the DDD list, their tacos set the bar for our foray into New Mex food. We couldn’t get enough of the red and green chile sauce.

The Plaza

The Plaza

We spent four or five days enjoying Santa Fe and the surrounding area.  The Plaza in the center of town is a smorgasbord of artwork, pottery, and incredible Native American silver work. It was a feast of turquoise and other beautiful stones. Surrounding the plaza were adobe buildings packed with shops, galleries and restaurants. We spent much time during our stay wandering in and about the Plaza area, visiting the Farmers market and the old churches. Although I love turquoise, and the artist signed works were jaw droppingly beautiful, I couldn’t justify spending that kind of money on a piece of jewelry, even if it is a piece of art. A friend had recommended I try Tin Nee Ann’s and I found many reasonably priced turquoise pieces. Not artist signed, but pretty, affordable and adequate for my purposes.


We took a drive north to Abiquiu.  The artist, Georgia O’Keefe’s, studio is in Abiquiu, an area surrounded by the varicolored cliffs of Ghost Ranch where she built her home, and that are captured so beautifully in her work. The drive was lovely, but, unfortunately we never checked the hours and the house and studio were closed. We spent some time at  a nearby lake , relaxing and soaking up the scenery before heading back to town.


No shortage of scenic views

We ate out much more than we normally do.  Tacos and burritos called our name. We had a great breakfast at Tecolote (a Diners, Drive ins and Dives recommendation. I had a Sheepherder’s Breakfast of boiled new red potatoes with jalapeño and onion, browned on the grill, topped with red and green chile, melted cheddar, and two eggs. I would go back to Santa Fe just to eat there again.)   Then there was Harry’s Roadside Cafe for dinner…I have to stop, I’m getting too hungry writing this. Suffice it to say, we loved New Mexico, the people, the scenery and oh yes, the food.


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  1. Love New Mexico…and Santa Fe! Thanks for another venture out of my temporary box!

  2. We like New Mexico, we almost lived there. We spent a week in Los Alamos and Santa Fe checking it out but did not work. Just reading your food adventures made me hungry. We will be heading to NM next month.

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