Walking the River in San Antonio, Texas

Remember the Alamo

We had hoped waiting a day might mean clearer weather for seeing the Alamo and the Riverwalk, but it was not to be. The wet, cold front that had been following us since New Orleans, and had put a damper on our tour of  the Mission Trail  was still   hanging around. We couldn’t hole up in the RV forever. We donned our foul weather gear, determined to see the sights before we continued on our journey toward Chula Vista, California and then the Baja.

First stop was the Alamo. Too much Disney and watching Davy Crockett in my wasted youth laid the foundation of my knowledge of this place. It loomed large in my mind, so I was surprised at how small it was. It was also smack in the middle of downtown San Antonio. What was an isolated mission  in the 1700’s has had a whole city grow up around it. I won’t dwell on its history, you can go to their website for that if you are interested. Today it is a shrine to the Texas Revolution, lovingly cared for by the Daughters of the Texas Revolution. Having found my family name listed on a display of men who died in a subsequent battle, it started me on an ongoing journey into my family history, my Texas roots and a more personal understanding of the settling of this great country. It is a special place and worth a visit.

It is smaller than you would think given its big history

We had the Riverwalk all to ourselves

San Antonio was built on the San Antonio River. The city has grown a lot bigger, but the river still flows through it. They built a multi-tiered complex of shops and restaurants called Riverwalk along the rivers banks, starting from the Alamo. It’s actually very attractive and I’m sure its outdoor cafes are usually packed with tourists. There’s not much call for sitting outside enjoying a drink and watching the passersby’s when it’s cold and drizzily. We pretty much had the place to ourselves and enjoyed strolling the walkways, exploring near empty shops and taking photographs. Cocktails or dinner would have to wait until we returned in better weather.

No outdoor dining today

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  1. Beautiful area, even on a rainy day. Be well and safe travels, Ann and Jerry

  2. Cold and drizzly? Sorry to hear about the drizzly but cold sounds good for this time of year in San Antonio. Despite the weather, I hope you enjoyed all the city has to offer.

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