Nova Scotia Redux

Peggy’s Cove Harbor

I forgot to mention Peggy’s Cove. It’s one of the prettiest spots we’ve ever visited. My previous thoughts on Nova Scotia concerned crazy thunderstorms in Baddeck and the scenic beauty of Cape Breton and the Cabot trail. I forgot to mention that before we went to Cape Breton we did stop in Halifax, Nova Scotia’s capital and the largest city in Atlantic Canada. I’m glad we did or we might never have found Peggy’s Cove.

Halifax sits on the southern coast of Nova Scotia and is a beautiful city in its own right. Built high on the bluffs overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. A tourists dream it has a sprawling harbor, lots of shops and restaurants and a massive fort, the Citadel, where you can watch the changing of the guard and good looking young men in kilts practice their marching and rifle drills.

We had a free afternoon (our hard drive crashed and our laptop was in in the ICU being revived…a long story for another time.) Checking the travel guides and maps we decide to take a drive and see what we could see.  Peggy’s Cove seemed a good destination. The drive along the coast was beautiful. The glaciers 20,000 years ago sculpted the cove and left these huge boulders strewn about. The lighthouse perched atop the largest rock guarding the most picturesque harbor we’ve seen to date. The people watching was pretty good too.

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  1. I really love this picture 🙂 The teal just makes me so happy, mostly because it’s my favorite color. Thanks for posting this! And keep up the great work! 😀


  2. Thank you for your kind words, positive feedback is always appreciated at the beginning of a project like this.

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