Man Overboard in Oklahoma

Guntersville Lake, Alabama

Guntersville Lake, Alabama

Hubby christened our trip west by falling into Lake Eufaula, in Checotah, Oklahoma… nothing was hurt but his pride and his cellphone. We’ve been on the road for near a week. We left Florida last Monday, spent three days at Guntersville State Park in Alabama. It is a great park with a golf course and big lodge high on a cliff overlooking the lake. Our RV was parked lakeside and Hubby had 2 days of the best bass fishing ever. Thursday he thought he must have caught 50 bass, with many of them in the 5 or 6 pound range. He was a happy camper. We also had beautiful sunsets and lots of wildlife to entertain us. We will definitely be back to this spot.

We watched the Herons fish...

We watched the Herons fish…

...and the sun set

…and the sun set

We headed west through Arkansas into Oklahoma, ready for a few more days of hot bass fishing on Lake Eufaula before we hit a dry spell in Monument Valley and Utah. We took I40, so the drive was quick and easy and we arrived in the early afternoon. The people working at the park were beyond helpful, finding us a spot that would be easily accessible to the lake, even going so far as to drive to the site with us to make sure we were settled ok. The man at the marina gave us maps of the lake and lots of advice on fishing spots suitable to our canoe. Oklahoma definitely gets our friendly people award. But, back to Hubby’s unexpected swim.

On Lake Eufaula, pre-dunking

On Lake Eufaula, pre-dunking

The morning was beautiful, sunny, cool and calm. I dropped Rich off at the boat launch, helped him get loaded and launched and headed off to walk one of the park’s trails. An hour and a half later I’m back at camp, sitting outside enjoying my breakfast when a pick up truck pulls up and drops off a very wet, shoeless Hubby who tells me he fell overboard. Long story, short: he snagged a good one, was setting the hook to the side, the canoe tipped and he fell out. The boat didn’t capsize, he lost his boots and the rod he was holding, and he was close enough to shore to swim the boat in, regroup and head back to the marina. As I mentioned, his cell phone was drowned, so he couldn’t call me for a pick up, but one of those friendly Oklahomans, was fishing at the pier and she offered to drive him back to camp when she heard what happened. She laughingly told me “men will go to the craziest lengths just to get a new pair of fishing boots.”

Hundreds, maybe a thousand fishing trips have been made in that canoe without incident. Hubby viewed it as a wake up call, a need to be ever vigilant. The lake could have been colder, deeper, or he further from shore. He got back up on the horse today, fished and caught without any more adventures. He even went back to the scene of the crime and trolled for the rod that went overboard with him. He retrieved it on his second pass. So I guess we are good to go for the rest of our travels.

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  1. If you come back through Arkansas, we have excellent trout fishing.

  2. So glad hubby was okay but what a funny story. How lucky he found the pole!!

  3. Penny

    You’re off with a bang which makes for a good story!

  4. I don’t dare let my hubby, a fellow fisherman, read this or we’ll be heading to OK for some of those bass. Tipping the canoe is always a good lesson especially when the out come isn’t bad…..been there, done that. Look forward to hearing more of the adventure.

  5. Bob

    Rich has always made a splash wherever he went, now literally so 🙂

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  7. frankeeg

    What the!!!??? he found the rod he lost in the water the day before? Wow! It reminded me of the time I got knocked overboard by the boom on a sailing catamaran. I lost my $500 sunglasses. I knew the there was a big tidal range so walked back at low tide and after 5 minutes found my beloved sunglasses in the mud.

    • Yes, lucky thing too, since it was his favorite rod and I would have had to listen to him moan about it. He said he’s done this before, he knew about where it was and he just dragged a hook and snagged the line on the rod. His cell phone also dried out after a few days and is working fine. Luck was definitely on his side.

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