Backtracking to Santispac

Sunrise on Santispac beach

We don’t usually backtrack, but we had been unable to get into Santispac for some beach camping on our way north from Cabo  so we went to Mulegé first. There is a caravan that is leaving Santispac by 9 AM, so we got up early and were ready to go get our camping spots on the beach. We decided to gas up first and by the time we got down to the beach all the rigs were parked and waiting for the other group to leave so they could move in. While we waited we chatted with a couple parked right on the edge of the beach, and Lissa ran around with their two dogs. The spot next to them is open so while the caravan headed down to the end of the campground, we pulled into it and snagged a nice beachside spot all to ourselves. We put out the awning, set up the chairs and let Lissa run free. In most of the campgrounds we have stayed in on this trip we have been packed in, like sardines in a can, so we were enjoying having some breathing room.

At two-thirty we walked down to join the group for hot dogs and Margaritas. We have a Pig Roast at a nearby hotel scheduled the next day at 5 PM, so we have a day and a half free to enjoy the beach.  We wander about visiting with some folks, exchanging some videos (no TV on this trip, so videos and books are it for entertainment,) have a few beers and soak up the scenery.

Lissa catches some rays

We got up late, 8 am, even Lissa slept in. I guess running around outside all day tuckered her out. A local women stopped by and offered us home made tamales and epanadas from the trunk of her car. They were still warm and smelled great, so we stocked up. We walked down to the restaurant for breakfast with a few of our fellow travelers. Hubby has his Heurvos Rancheros (the best yet, he says.) The rest of the day is spent enjoying the Bahia Conception views, reading and chatting with people as they walked by. The wind picked up in the afternoon, with sand blowing everywhere, so we packed up the chairs and mat and got ready for the pig roast. Five o’clock and the taxis picked us up and took us to the Hotel Sinidad. The Mariachis are to start at 6 and dinner at seven.

Can you smell that roasting pig?

We mill about having cocktails on the patio, watching the pig get roasted and salivating at the aromas. There are several caravans at the dinner so it was interesting talking to them about how their trip was going. We all seem to staying in the same places and seeing the same sights and having the same complaints. Our trip is winding down, some of theirs are just starting, so they asked a lot of questions about what to expect. The food was good. The pig was cooked to perfection. We sat with Bill, our caravan leader, and his wife. He used to be a dealer in Las Vegas and he was filled with entertaining stories. After dinner we went to the patio for a Piñata party and a few more margaritas before we piled in a taxi and headed home. This was a favorite spot, but we are back on our travel schedule, we leave at 7 am for Guererro Negro.

After dinner Pinata party

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