Lobstah Dinners and Other Summer Fun

Mount Jefferson, Mount Adams and Mount Madison and the White Mountain Forest

There is nothing like New England seafood. Haddock, steamers, scallops and lobster have become a staple of our New Hampshire diet. As soon as we get down to Portland we’ll add fresh swordfish to that list. (for some reason we can only get that at the seafood market.) A favorite dish up here is a scallop or lobster bake (or both together). Fresh fish covered with butter and crumbled ritz crackers, baked in an individual casserole dish….you can feel your arteries hardening with each bite. But that’s what I take Lipitor for, right?

We thought we had a great place for lobster, Bay Haven, in Cornish Maine. Not too far and we could each get two lobsters with all the trimmings for $19. Last week we topped that. Whittier House, right here in Ossipee, offers two lobsters for $9.95. All you get with them is french fries (home made, by the way,) but with two fresh-from-Boston Lobstahs you don’t need much else. So why no picture of this great meal? Because we went last night  to get our weekly fix and we were turned away. No more lobsters. Within 55 minutes of opening they had run out of the clawed devils. The secret is out. Maybe next week we’ll have better luck, but we’ll  have to get there early.

Big Crappie

Big Crappie

6 Pound Small Mouth

6 Pound Small Mouth

Hubby is catching local fish every day in Danforth Bay. As usual he’s there at the crack of dawn each morning and home for lunch with the daily report of what he caught (and released.) Mostly it’s small mouth, crappie  or pickeral. He was finally able to retrieve from his cellphone the photos he took of his personal record small mouth. It was 21 inches and weighed in at 6 pounds.  The Crappie was 13 inches.

I need to do a lot of walking to offset all this food I’m eating, so hiking continues to be part of my Summer routine. I try and do two each week, usually around 5 miles each. Of course there is no sense in putting the effort into a hike if you don’t get the payback of great views of the White Mountains. My goal is to summit one of the 4000 footers by the Fall. I don’t think I’ll ever do Mt. Washington in this lifetime. At nearly 6300 feet, it’s a tough climb. Two people have died on it so far this year. Between the remote and rugged terrain and the rapidly changeable weather it is a summit to be treated with respect.  I did get some nice pictures of it this weekend from Low’s Bald Spot. Doesn’t look like much does it?

So that’s our New Hampshire Summer so far. Fishing, hiking, and eating lobster. Next week I think some covered bridges and waterfalls are on the agenda. Please don’t feel too sorry for us and enjoy the views.
Mount Washington from Low's Bald Spot

Mount Washington from Low’s Bald Spot

Mount Jefferson from Low's Bald Spot

Mount Jefferson from Low’s Bald Spot

View from Carter Ledge

View of Lake Ossipee from Carter ledge

Mount Chocorua from Carter Ledge

Mount Chocorua from Carter Ledge

Mountain Laurel

Mountain Laurel

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  1. Diann

    Sounds delicious and makes me hungry

  2. Ellen J

    bring back some of dem lobstahs for us flowidah residents!

  3. Thanks for sharing! Brings back memories – I spent many a summer at a little camp called Horton Center, on Pine Mountain – overlooking the Presidential Range – I even proposed to my wife there! One of my favorite views in New England!

  4. You’ve got me itchin’ to get on the road again. Hmm…there’s a song in there somewhere…

  5. fred

    Thanks. You write so well.

    • Hi Fred, thanks. It’s a discipline that I find needs daily attention. Hoping to get to Manhattan again in November. Every time I see a scene of the Brooklyn Bridge I think of those great views of downtown and that pizza. Too soon to start planning an outing?

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