On Surviving Nor’easters in 300 Square Feet

Waiting for the storm to pass

Our Summer in New Hampshire has started with a Nor’easter. Three days of driving rain, cool temperatures, and flooded roads have pretty much confined us to the motorhome, and challenged our self-entertainment skills. As always the internet is a portal to life outside our 300 square feet of living space. We surf, we skype, we write emails, IM’s and blog posts. Even when the RV windows are steamed over we still can see what goes on in the world out there. With two kindles on board we never run out of things to read. I brought along glass and supplies for a few mosaic projects; I have a violin and an acoustic guitar to work on. I can’t cut glass inside; shards of glass and bare feet don’t mix well. I can, however, work out color combinations and start to think about  design layouts.

With lots of time to cook we also eat well. The slow cooker is an essential staple on board an RV. We can set it up early in the morning, go out for the day and come home to a ready-to-eat meal…beef stew, meat sauce, BBQ pork, chicken and dumplings and endless other culinary treats. As an added benefit, when the days are cold and rainy, and we are stuck inside in a Nor’easter,  it warms the rig up nicely without burning our propane. Last night we didn’t even have to cook. Our neighbor invited us for a steamy bowl of the Minestrone soup he had simmering on the stove. Add a loaf of bread, a cup of wine and  conversation with friends and who cares about the storm blowing outside.

We are in New Hampshire for a few months, so there is no pressure to get out there and see the sights. If we are in a town for a shorter time sometimes we just have to bite the bullet, wait for a lull and go out touring. But that’s not the case here so we  keep busy and wait for the storm to pass.

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  2. Sounds like you are prepared and enjoying ! Thanks for visiting my blog and liking my posts.

  3. Thanks. I enjoyed your pics and your adventuresome hobby

  4. it’s true that where ever you are stuck, today’s only window on the world is internet.

  5. yes, and when it goes down it’s panic time

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