Happy birthday to me

Happy Cinco de Mayo. I always appreciated that the whole country threw a margarita and nacho-filled birthday party for me. I’m taking the day off and celebrating all that is good in my life, and that is a lot.  Usually I go for the salt-rimmed, tequila ladened glass of cheer. However I found this article and figured why wait 5 years for the pill when I can break out a bottle of red right now and get a head start on stopping the aging process.

Did someone have one too many margaritas??

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  1. Diann Schultz

    I enjoy your birthday parties but a lovely cupcake has its own appeal. I read the article you referenced and that is why I choose red wine; of course, I do prefer it. A gin & tonic, marguarita, or Pisco Sour are also great especially in the summer.

  2. Thanks Diann, Alcohol is a preservative in all forms, I believe. We’ll be in touch.

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