The End of the Road… New Beginnings, and a Lucky Shot

Look at this lucky shot I took of a surfer and a humpback. We are off the road and in Florida.  It’s not that we haven’t been traveling, just a different kind, by plane, like my recent trip to Hawaii.  I had been seeing humpbacks breaching all week, but they are hard to catch mid air…unless you don’t try. It wasn’t until I looked at this photo of a surfer on the computer that I realized I had finally captured the whale too.

The surfer and the humpback

The surfer and the humpback

Unfortunately, this type of travel doesn’t really fit the road trip motif I started with The Red Road Diaries. After 10 years on the red roads we have sold the motor home and bought a fifth wheel that we are leaving in New Hampshire. Our future “road trips” will be making the trek north as soon as the heat starts here in Florida, and heading back in October. As such, I think it is time to close down the Red Road Diaries blog and move on to some new things. I have so enjoyed all the new friends I made on this journey and having all of you travel along with us.

Although  I have not been posting much lately, I don’t feel too guilty because I have been busy culling out the best posts and photos from all our trips, adding some new material  and putting it all into a two-book series, Volume one of which has been published on Amazon and iBooks. Many of you may not have followed along since the beginning and may want to catch up and do some armchair traveling. Or, if you are thinking about an RV or camper in your future, you may enjoy all the helpful hints and resources offered up in it. You can check in on my website to find out what’s new with the books; Volume Two should be ready in a month or two.  I started a new blog there as well. we’ll see where that goes.

Here’s a brief description of the book:


Just published, my new book

Loaded with beautiful photographs, the book documents our travels from the majestic Deep South to the pristine mountains and coastlines of New England. Travel with us on a trip around the Great Lakes. Discover the beauty of Canada as we roam Ontario, Quebec, and the Canadian Maritimes. You’ll even see the untamed splendor of Newfoundland. Whether you are just an armchair traveler or planning an adventure of your own, The Red Road Diaries will spark your imagination.  Once you have seen the possibilities, you might be motivated to try the RV lifestyle yourself. You’ll pick up innumerable tips and suggestions regarding RV travel, as well as a wealth of resources to help you on your way. Volume Two covers all our travel west of the Mississippi.

 Here are some links to get more information about The Red Road Diaries book, download a sample, or buy it.

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  1. Wow , great shot. Congrats on the book!
    I completely understand that there are times to set out in new directions. NOT AN END OF THE ROAD.

  2. Hello,
    Congrats on your new path! We too have sold our RV, stopped so much traveling via RV, have taken a place to live in Santa Monica, and are just planning to fly or drive to places of interest. Will miss your blog, thanks for the great posts. Be Well and Enjoy Life, Ann and Jerry

  3. All the very best on the new roads, may your adventures always be filed with laughter and light. 🙂

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