It’s a Doozy!



It’s a doozy, meaning it’s bizarre or extraordinary. Do you know where that term originated? The Deusenberg was a fabulous car in the 1920’s and 1930’s and when people saw them they’d say, “It’s a Doozy.” I happen to know this because I went to the Annual Founders Day in Paris Hill, Maine. Not everything we do when traveling in the RV involves hiking and fishing. Sometimes we go see how the other half lives.

Bob Bahre, local Paris Hill, Maine resident ( when not at his lake house in New Hampshire, or his winter place in Naples,  Florida) and former owner of New Hampshire International Motor Speedway, opens up his vast collection of antique cars for one day in July, on Founders Day, and donates all the proceeds to the Paris Hill Library and Museum. His house and gardens, perched on a hill overlooking the White Mountains, were jaw dropping in their beauty. But  the cars were incredible, even if you are not a car enthusiast.  The than 60 vintage automobiles, a kaleidoscope of colorful cars, chrome and white walled tires, can only be done justice with photos. I don’t have the words to describe them. As you’ll see, I was especially taken with the hood ornaments.

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  1. Sylvia

    Of course I enjoy reading about your travels, but for me it is more about the photos. I noticed that your is included with the photos in this post. I enjoyed checking them! Thanks for sharing.

    • Yes, thank you. The exif info appeared automatically, I guess because I used wordpress’ gallery function for the photos instead of putting them in the post directly. It was a surprise for me too. J

  2. Love these great old cars. Be well and safe travels.

  3. reneesylvie

    Oh we need to go visit there!!! We love antique cars. Our local museum in Fort Nelson has an impressive collection for such a small town. Nothing beats an antique car!!!

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