Road Oddities


Traveling the back roads in the RV we have seen some odd sights. There’s no accounting for peoples taste when it comes to  how they dress, or the color they paint their home, or the items they choose to “decorate” their yards. I’m not talking junked cars, abandoned appliances and  other assorted trash piled high in the side yard. Unfortunately, that is all too common. I’m talking items people put some effort into, possibly considering it to be  humorous or maybe even “art?”

Yard Art?

Yard Art?

Cow on Tractor

A farmer with a sense of humor?

We’ve seen odd roadside businesses, like this “gas station” in Baja, Mexico. I would be worried driving home with my product in the back of the pick up. He didn’t have enough on hand to fill up the RV anyway.

Baja Gas Station

Fill her up?

Many of towns we have passed through also work hard to set themselves apart. Large statues seem to be a popular way to tell tourists about the local attractions. We’ve seen:

Large Canadian geese (Wawa, Ontario)

Road runners in Las Cruces, New Mexico

Road Runner

Wally Walleye in Minnesota

And finally in Texas, The giant steer outside The Big Texan restaurant in Amarillo, Texas, where if you eat the 72 ounce steak, appetizer, baked potato, salad, roll and dessert you get it for free. The day we stopped in a 28 year old man, weighing in at 450 pounds had finished the meal in 35 minutes. His comment: “Free always tastes better.”  I couldn’t finish that meal in a week.

The Texan Restaurant

Big Texan meal

Eat it all in under an hour and it’s free

A final word on Texas oddities. The following sign was on a church in San Antonio.  Only in the Lone Star State would this be an issue.

Church sign

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  1. Love this post. Great pictures!

  2. Sylvia

    Great photos. Certainly illustrate the truth of “One man’s treasure, another’s trash” and “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

  3. G’day, I wonder if these giant plates of food (which by the sounds of things) do not get fully consumed, there must be a lot of wastage. Perhaps the 250 pound man got that way because he eats too much. We have ALL YOU CAN EAT places in Australia and it annoys me to see people pile their plates high with food then when they go to leave there is still a half plate of wasted food.
    We also have those giant replicas in Australia as well. Giant, lobster, crab, bull, prawn, potato, pineapple, gumboot, banana, trout and so on. Maybe I should follow your example and start photographing them.

  4. Replicas of the world unite!

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